The Groupscheme Project
(last update: 4/29/2004)



The goal of this project is to develop a library of tools for writing groupware applications. The library will be implemented in Jscheme.


Over the past several years we have been experimenting with various approaches to building Groupware tools in Scheme and have developed several groupware platforms for running experiments on collaboration.

In mid-April 2004 we released our first general purpose collaborative editor tools, called GrewpEdit. This tool allows users to either start a GREWP on their machine or to join a GREWP on some remote host. A GREWP is specified by an IP address, port number, and session name. Once a user has connected to a GREWP they can create documents which can be jointly editted by any user connected to the GREWP. They can also view the set of connected users and the set of active documents. The shared editor allows any number of users to collaboratively edit a document and chat about that document. You can learn more about GrewpEdit at

where you can download the tool as a double-clickable jar file, or a Java Web Start application, a signed applet, or as a source code distribution.

In the coming six months, we plan on distributing the toolkit used to implement GrewpEdit along with extensive documentation and examples.

Much of this work was developed as part of a project on Groupware-Mediated Collaborative Programming funded by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. EIA-0082393